Vernithèque …

Ici vous trouverez tous les précieux qui trônent fièrement dans ma jolie vernithèque

j essayerais de rajouter au fur et à mesure des arrivées des nouveaux !

des paillettes pleins les yeux !

n°55 n°59  n°61  n°62 n°89  n°111  n°121             n°324
n°GS14            n°FS06         Noblesse 10  n° NOBI 10


piCture pOlish

Paradise Nail PolishAphrodisiac Nail PolishStarry Night Nail PolishWhimsy Nail PolishOcean Nail PolishMonroe Nail PolishSea Jewel Nail PolishBlogger Nail PolishAriel's Tale Nail PolishPshiiit Nail PolishKryptonite Nail PolishCosmos Nail PolishAttitude Nail PolishFocus Nail PolishHope Nail PolishBeige Nail PolishTango Nail Polish

Ozotic 623Ozotic 912Ozotic 743Ozotic 914Ozotic 528Ozotic 529


Butter London


cheeky pop                 the old bill                   shag                  lovely jubbly


         bit faker                         scouse                         henley regatta                   gobsmaked


         jack the lad                  chimney sweep                      chancer                   pearly queen


China Glaze

marry a millionnaire    want my bawdy

black mesh beach cruiser

        pink plumeria          midtown magic

   adore         some like it haute

   metallic muse                      stone cold

                      techno                     platinum silver

—————————————————————————————————————————————————- pearly peacock       640 poppy

            427 Amable Chartreuse 428 river green            Kiko_polish_422_mint_green  422 mint green

         645 burgundy              200 Transparent 295 cerulean blue

               200 Transparent382 pearly gunmetal   200 Transparent303 beige chromé

              200 Transparent392 jungle green         200 Transparent300 pearly malachite

          200 Transparent260 metallic pink       200 Transparent374 pearly chocolate

   395 luxurious bronze         401 peacock green

399 silk taupe                  270 sparkle

         404 golden flame et 408 chemical purple

—————————————————————————————————————————————————– Accross the Universe  Good girl gone bad

            Bad Romance


      RH Snake Eyessnake eyes     RH Siren Songsiren song     RH Mare of the moon mare of the moon

RH Shooting Star Setshooting star set


Pretty Serious

PS Galaxy Invadergalaxy invader    PS Creature Crushcreature crushPS Tuxtux


beyond cosy     leading lady     where’s my

Essie Nail Polish Orange, It’S Obvious!orange it s obvious     Essie Nail Polish A Crewed Interesta crewed interest

lady like        sexy divide nothing else metal

naughty nautical       sunday funday     full steam ahead



                angel kiss                   personal stylist                wild at heart


Ultimate Nail Lacquer 35 Petrolpolitan petrolpolitain    Ultimate Nail Lacquer 07 Genius In The Bottle genius in a bottle    Ultimate Nail Lacquer 04 Orange-Utan orange utan

Ultimate Nail Lacquer 05 Earnie & Birdy earny & birdy     Ultimate Nail Lacquer 16 George Blueney george blueney   Ultimate Nail Lacquer 905 Steel My Soul steel my soul

Ultimate Nail Lacquer 900 Steel My Heart steel my heart   Ultimate Nail Lacquer 650 Goldfinger goldfinger    Ultimate Nail Lacquer 420 Dirty Berry dirty berry

et aussi AC DC (mais a pas trouvé le visuel)

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— is black universe in the moonlight for romance queen reloaded   grey to be here aquarius    night in vegas$T2eC16NHJGIE9nnWpUuTBRVG79,v7Q~~60_35.JPGitalian lovers

et aussi Tropical heart de la collection Ticket to paradise …


Nail Polish-Creamy Lgcreamy   Nail Polish-Julieanne Lgjulieanne    Nail Polish-Charla Lgcharla

  Nail Polish-Kalista Lgkalista    Nail Polish-Rihana Lgrihana    Nail Polish-Blair Lgblair    Nail Polish: Zoya Nail Polish in Faye ZP551faye

Nail Polish-Kotori Lgkotori    veruschka  Zoya-Nail-Polish-Dahlia-ZP656dahlia


  Call Me For The After Partycall me for the after party      Black Diamondblack diamond

Without Me, There's No Vip! without me there’s no Vip      Rock Solidrock solid


NLT19 - Too Hot Pink to Hold' Emtoo hot pink…   rainbow connection NLT15 - It's Totally Fort Worth Itit s totally fort…


Barry M

Nail Paint - Denimdenim Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Rubyruby glitter Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Gold Minegold mine glitter

green glitter    aqua green


French Roastfrench roast    Epochepoch     Opheliaophelia


PRINCESS SABRA princess sabra    PERCEVAL perceval   JANE EYRE jane eyre   OPHELIA ophelia

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY she walks in beauty   SLEEPING PALACE sleeping palace   FATED PRINCE fated prince


The New Black

TNB Noble Spiritsnoble spirits   TNB Seineseine   TNB Grafittigrafiti


7 – terra17 – terre volcanique
18 – mauve cosmique
19 – bleu obscur
21 – blanc
24 – reflet bleu
27 – or bleu
30 – or rose
75 – papaye